2019 TYLA Fall Recreational Lacrosse League


Welcome to TYLA spring lacrosse!  Based on current registration levels, we will have 3 divisions for the 2019 season:


Clinic Division:

This is for our players in prekindergarten and kindergarten (Ages 4 & 5).  Sessions of this division will be held each Sunday (excluding the weekend of Columbus Day) at 12 pm.  Players will rotate through 4-6 skill based stations finishing with short-sided games.  The clinic division sessions are expected to last roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes, and parents are expected to remain at the field as this is not a drop-off event at this age group.  No equipment is required as it is entirely provided by the league.

Junior Division:

This is for players in grades 1 & 2 who will be placed onto individual teams of 5-6 players.  Once per week, all teams will practice in a skill-based session on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.  For the first 35-45 minutes, all players will rotate through a skills-driven set of approximately 4 stations.  In the final 15-25 minutes, each team will practice individually to work on positioning and game strategy.  On Sunday afternoons at 1:30 pm, two simultaneous Junior Division games will be held.  While no contact is allowed in these games, due to the potential for inadvertent contact, players are required to utilize a protective mouthguard.

Senior Division:

The senior division will run in the exact same manner as the Junior Division for players in 3rd and 4th grade.

Season Schedule:

TBA        Rec League Assessment Night (Grades 1 – 4 only)

Wednesdays                      Jr/Sr Practice Nights

               9/4; 9/11; 9/18; 9/25; 10/2; 10/16

Sundays                              Clinic Sessions    12 – 1:15 pm

Junior Games     1:30 – 2:30 pm

Senior Games     2:45 – 3:45 pm

               9/8; 9/15; 9/22; 9/29; 10/6; 10/20


The high school players from both the boys and girls lacrosse team are committed partners with TYLA.  Each team in our recreational league will have a dedicated high school player or players serving as head coach to provide the lacrosse-specific skills development that is the focus of the league.  In addition to the high school players, TYLA would like to identify a parent for each team to serve as adult supervision and provide support to the teen head coach.  Interested parents should fill out the Rec League Coach Application on our website.

Game Rules:

The games in the Junior & Senior Division will follow these rules:

  • Four quarters of 10 minutes, running time
  • 4 on 4 with no goalie
  • Horn blown at 5 minutes for substitutions
  • 2 Attackers and 2 Defenders
  • Initial possession determined by coin flip
  • After a goal, the defending team takes the ball from their goal line
  • Balls passed out of bounds will cause a change in possession
  • Balls shot out of bounds will be awarded to the team with a player closest to the ball when it leaves the field
  • Possession will alternate at the start of each quarter, at substitutions, and on whistles due to loose ball scrums
  • No contact between players
  • Players are allowed to check their opponents’ stick head only. Any contact with the player will result in a warning. Multiple or significant contact may result in a forced substitution at the discretion of the official.


If you have any questions, please email us at rec@tewksburylax.org